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Whether you are considering building new, remodeling, or adding on, there are several questions that should be answered before work begins. How will the space be used? Are your existing furnishings appropriate for the new space? Which materials will be most effective and ensure the space flows? Good design planning can produce amazing, timeless results and lack of planning can result in shortcomings and costly mistakes.

We specialize in design planning working directly with you and your contractor or we offer in house construction services. We make sure that your project goes smoothly and is completed on time and within budget. We understand and appreciate the value of your time and are driven to make the design of your home, cottage or business simple, efficient and stress-free. Let us bring your project to life with an outcome that will give you that “Wow” factor you’ve been looking for!

We are known for listening and understanding client needs, wants and desires. You can be rest assured that your project goals and objectives will be incorporated and accomplished to your satisfaction.

We will review your plans with your architect or builder and offer input early in the planning stages prior to construction. Or, we can help you develop your plans from the onset. This early involvement prevents costly mistakes and ensures your project stays on schedule and within budget.

We plan, organize and arrange space to suit its desired need and function. We consider room adjacencies, traffic flows, accessibility, views, focal points, furniture placement, storage, work triangles and more. We are sure to maximize and transform your space into what you’ve envisioned.

We create lighting and electrical solutions that go beyond basic code requirements to enhance the function, safety and aesthetics of your space. We understand the science behind lighting and how it affects color, emotions and ambiance as well as types of fixtures and wattages needed for task, ambient and accent lighting.

We select and specify surface materials such as flooring, paint, cabinetry, countertops, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, hardware, millwork, and exterior finishes. We have a vast knowledge of what products and materials are available and which ones are best for certain applications. We save you time and frustrations by narrowing down the options with solutions that reflect you and your lifestyle.

We are your one stop shop for furniture, fabrics, bedding, lamps, accessories, artwork, area rugs, wall coverings and window treatments. You are not limited to the offerings and bias of one store when working with us, as we have access to many resources to suit whatever your style and budget may be.

We assess your home and identify simple, cost effective areas that can be enhanced improvements to be more appealing to buyers. Often, a new paint color, light fixtures and re-arranging your furniture and accessories will develop an offer at your next showing.

We implement your decisions by placing orders, scheduling trades and monitoring the construction and installation of your project. We coordinate closely with vendors and contractors to ensure your project gets completed per the specifications and meets our uncompromising standards.

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